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Learn a proven nutrition and weight management system—become a Weight Cut Specialist.
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Master the weight cut

Whether the goal is performance, fat loss, or making weight for a fight, this certification provides practical knowledge and real-world tools to become a championship-level nutrition coach.
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What You'll Learn

Curriculum overview

The certification is broken into five parts with an introduction and bonus section. Each part includes lessons with written articles and supplemental videos—37 lessons total, plus bonus videos.



Successful nutrition coaching goes beyond science and formulas. The best coaches consider individual differences, habits, goals, and preferences. This certification begins with the foundational principles needed to build a nutrition program, and—most importantly—getting someone to stick to it.


General Nutrition


All diets and nutrition strategies revolve around four things: type, timing, portion size, and hormonal response to foods. You need to take into account what foods you eat (type), when you eat them (timing), the amount you consume (portion size), and how it affects your body and performance (hormonal response).


Creating a Baseline


Whether the goal is performance enhancement, weight loss, or weight gain, you need to know how to determine caloric intake and macronutrient ratios to build an effective nutrition program. This section will help you create that foundation and show you what adjustments you need to make based on the client’s goal.


Fight Camp Principles


Helping fighters get through camp and make weight is an exciting job, but it’s also stressful. The stakes are high, and fighting is a game where the smallest advantage matters. Whether you’re working with a fighter or helping a client reach a specific goal, the principles covered in this section will help you adapt and respond to the variety of scenarios that you will inevitably confront.


The Weight Cut


Weight cutting is a big part of why people know Lockhart and Leith, and it’s an important skill many combat-sport coaches lack. Here you will learn how to make the weight cut process as safe as possible, implement step-by-step strategies to make weight, a detailed breakdown of the bath, sauna, workout, and wrap protocols, as well as what warning signs to look out for and how to avoid them.


Rehydration and Replenishment


Making weight is only the beginning for a fighter. After safety, what matters most is ensuring the athlete can perform their best on fight night. For that reason, proper rehydration and replenishment after the cut are essential, and that is exactly what you will learn how to do in this section.

special bonus

Business Principles for Coaches


Some of the most respected nutrition coaches in MMA took the first step in their careers with the WCS Level 1 certification. The course goes beyond nutrition to include the essential principles that will help grow your business, expand your clientele, and ultimately help you become a more successful coach.

Who It's For

Who will benefit from our course

Personal trainers

Looking to expand their practice to encompass nutrition and weight management.


Who want to manage their own nutrition to maximize performance.

MMA coaches

Who want to guide their fighters through fight camp and help them make weight as safely as possible.


At all levels who want to get smarter about weight cutting and weight management.

Weight-loss coaches

Who want access to a proven system and tools for managing their clients’ weight-loss goals.


Interested in expanding their expertise and growing their business.

...and ANYONE who wants to learn a practical, easy-to-implement nutrition program to enhance performance, accelerate recovery, and improve body composition.

What you get

Our curriculum and resources

Our mission with this certification is to create opportunities for coaches, improve the safety of weight cutting, and offer nutrition strategies for achieving better performance and results for your clients (or yourself).
  • A proven system tested at the highest levels of sport
  • Build customized nutrition programs
  • Formulas for weight loss, weight gain, and performance
  • Maximize athletic potential and optimize recovery
  • Improve body composition and promote fat loss
  • Comprehensive study guide and cheat sheets
  • Online lessons and exams
  • Step-by-step weight cut protocol
  • Rehydration and replenishment strategies
  • Eligibility for Weight Cut Specialist Level 2 certification
  • Client assessment and questionnaire
The Lockhart & Leith Story

The coaches the pros turn to for help

George Lockhart and Dan Leith are considered the world’s foremost experts on weight cutting, performance nutrition, and weight management.

In addition to working with the biggest names in combat sports, they have become the most respected teachers in the space, helping launch the careers of nutrition coaches who now work with fighters like Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, and many more. For the first time, George and Dan are making their Level 1 Certification available online—a significant milestone on the company’s journey toward revolutionizing how coaches everywhere apply nutrition principles in the real world.

Check out this video by GQ Sports to learn their story and how they developed the most successful fight nutrition business on the planet.

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Become a Weight Cut

Get Certified | $750

Sale Price: $375